New Balance: no edits
New Balance; Edited image

New Balance Footwear Edit


This is a pair of trainers I bought and wore a couple of times before deciding to photograph and edit them in Photoshop. There were several things needing attention including clolur balance, dirt marks and scratches. Wavy ines to straighten, glue marks to remove and shadows to balance. Lots of these adjustments were required. Below left is the Final edited shoe and below is a comparison of before and after. 




New Balance Footwear



Another pair of New Balance trainers. Photographed with natural light using a Nikon D800. Overcast sky providing a difused soft light. The shoe was cut out and placed against a gray background. Uneven colour caused by light casting shadows creasess in the show material on each layer individually. Edges were straightened amarks scuffs and scratches cleaned up 


Nike trainers

Downshifter 6


Here a pair of boots on a shelf in a second-hand shop caught my eye. As they wouldn't fit me I decided to take a photo with my smartphone instead of making the purchase. There was no special lighting other than the shop lights which ammounted to flourescent tubes in the ceiling, not very controlled.


Here is how it turned out

Ladies Footware (Ankle Boots)

This time a pair of Ladies Ankle Boots. This pair of boots was photographed with a Nikon D800 camera and using one stripbox at about two o'clock. There were some heavy creases to remove from the front of the boots and some variation in colour to correct. There was also some irregularity on the joint between the sole and the uppers which needed to be tidied up. 

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